Naked Knockouts!

It’s no secret now that TNA has signed a deal with Playboy and Traci Brooks will be featured in the magazine this October. Why have they struck a deal with Playboy? Probably to try and one-up WWE again and fail miserably or to draw in more perverts veiwers; who knows what they were thinking? Anyway, the original TNA Knockout will be the first to pose for the magazine and this most likely will be a recurring thing for TNA, as it was for WWE. SoCal Val was asked previously to pose for the mag, but denied that, but I think she most likely will pose for it now that TNA are Playboy’s new BFF. The question is after Traci, who will be the next hypocrite Knockout to get naked? Vote in the poll below!

[poll id="81"]

Also take a look at this TNA Knockouts promo taken from last year I believe. What a turn around..

Written by: Marcella

8 Responses to Naked Knockouts!

  1. Atholl says:

    AWESOME KONG !!!!!!!!!! haha jj Angelina Love

  2. Trisha says:

    Awesome Kong FTW! :P
    I think Angelina Love would look nice though… If they airbrush that tat! ;D xD

  3. Marcella says:

    I say none cos Playboy is dirty :) I didn’t like it with the divas, and I don’t like it with the hypocrites known as the knockouts :) KTHXBYE

  4. Randa says:

    Haha which Tat you talking about Trisha? :) I think Velvet would be nice or maybe they could have the TBP do one together

  5. Trisha says:

    That FUGLY one on her arm, with the pretty flowers! xD
    It looks so childish! :S

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  7. Colorado Boii says:

    Wouldn’t mind if all the knockouts got naked ;]

  8. Michael Sooth says:

    Please let it be Rhaka Khan.

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