Molly Holly Helped ‘The Glamazon’

Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast got glamorous this past show as their special guest was former WWE Women’s champion, ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix.

During the interview, Beth commented on how former WWE Diva Nora Greenwald (aka Molly Holly) aided her in getting a job with the WWE. Beth attended a signing and gave Molly a tape of her wrestling Gail Kim. Beth, Gail and Traci Brooks were called for tryout matches. Gail Kim got the contract, but Molly told Beth to go ahead to then WWE’s training ground OVW. Beth couldn’t afford OVW but when she went to make her first payment, someone had already made half of the tuition for her. That person being Molly Holly. It was Molly’s way of giving her a chance that others gave to her.

It’s rare (but really nice!) to hear of things like this in wrestling , considering all the bad press with wrestlers and backstage backstabbing, bitching and politics. To hear the full whack, click here.

Written by: Marcella

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