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Videos Of The Day:
Fun Before WrestleMania

We are two (or technically three if you’re from the UK like me) days away from WWE’s blockbuster event, WrestleMania, where we will see the above Divas tag team match. Extra’s Maria will team with former champ Kelly Kelly to take on the devious duo of Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix. But before all that, we’re going to go on a trip down memory lane and have some fun before WrestleMania with some random matches from the WWE Divas past and present. Grab your popcorn (and possibly your sick bucket) and press play on the Videos of the Day!

Diva Shore: #100-91

For our lengthy intro, click here.
(Click the Diva thumbnails to watch the Diva Shore moment!)


100. “Honey, looks like you have some competition.”

ft. Torrie Wilson, Melina & Candice Michelle

Melina interupted a photoshoot of WWE covergirl Torrie Wilson. She decided to bring out the Shore-er in herself, bitching out Torrie and calling her fat. Just as Torrie got on her case, Smackdown’s newest Diva Candice Michelle walks in. She shakes hands with a disgusted Melina and gives her BFF a big ol’ hug.

Insert Melina ownage here. Candice Michelle links arms with Torrie and flicks her hair into Melina’s face. The photographer then tells Melina she has competition, which is something a big air headed full-of-herself Diva does not want to hear!

Jamie Keyes Reflects on Her WWE Career

Former WWE ring announcer and NXT Season 3 Rookie Jamie Keyes – real name Brittany Beede – was recently interviewed by FitGems and reflected on her time with the company. She discusses how started out in FCW and her experience once she made it to bigger stages with WWE. It’s an interesting read.

FitGems: How did you begin your wrestling career, and how did you end up in WWE?
Brittany: As I stated earlier, I attended FCW’s wrestling school before being hired with the company. I was actually attending nursing school at the time. I began training to be a wrestler (sports entertainer!) under the leadership of Steve Kiern and Norman Smiley. I actually drove over an hour, the day of the first class, and was greeted by the Celtic warrior himself, Sheamus! I wasn’t hired immediately after completing the school, but with persistence and drive I was given my opportunity! I made the move to Tampa, Florida and ended up on the road after only a month!

FitGems: You were brought into WWE as the announcer for Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) and WWE NXT Season 2 and eventually became a Rookie Diva on NXT Season 3, going by the name Jamie Keyes. What did you enjoy about each of your roles while being a part of the company?
Brittany: I think wrestling fans are incredible! Being able to perform live and impact audiences in sold-out arenas as both an announcer and a wrestler was a tremendous opportunity and blessing!

FitGems: I gotta be real with you… I thought WWE didn’t do enough to push your character during your time, and from what I gathered from others, they feel the same way. Were you the least bit surprised that you were the first person eliminated on NXT Season 3?
Brittany: Not at all! What I think people don’t realize is how quickly I was put on the road. I was only in developmental for a few months. I didn’t have as much time to train once I was hosting. Then all of a sudden I was on NXT. I was honored but overwhelmed. The other girls were much more experienced than I was. I was lucky to even be there. I am honored to have fans that feel differently but the truth is I felt my inexperience was apparent.

FitGems: And now the million dollar question, in your own words…What (at the time) was the reason (or reasons) you decided that WWE’s just not for you right now? In other words, what’s the REAL story behind your release?
Brittany: Ha ha. I wish I had a scandalous story for you! There is no story really. As I said in the previous answer I hadn’t been there long before I had been put on the road. It is hard to imagine how tough the WWE schedule is until you do it. I joined the WWE because I was a fan, and wanted to promote the fitness lifestyle. However, after being with the company for a while I learned I loved fitness more than wrestling. Everyone treated me great. I loved the people. I loved the opportunities. I didn’t have any fights backstage or anything interesting to talk about. I just felt I could pursue a career helping others with health and fitness that would be more fulfilling to me.

For the full interview, where she discusses her new fitness focus, more about herself and how she gained an interest in the world of wrestling, click here.

Thanks Brittany Brigade for giving us the heads up!

Videos Of The Day: FCW Special

Jamie Keyes Launches Her Website

Remember former WWE ring announcer and NXT Rookie Jamie Keyes – real name Brittany Beede? The fitness model has been working on her official website – BrittanyBFit.com – since her departure from the company and it has been launched for a while now. The promotional video is above.

It has content exclusively for members starting at $19.95 for a month such as fitness routines, diet and photoshoot videos as well as other benefits. In one of many promotional videos scattered on the website, Brittany claims that she would like to use her celebrity status to ensure people get maximum benefits from her workouts.

Even if you’re not much of a fitness fanatic, it’s still worth to have a look around.

Vote for Jamie Keyes in the 2011 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Contest

By clicking the picture above and looking for the relevant links to vote and searching for BRITTANYB, you’ll be helping out a former WWE ring announcer and NXT Rookie to win the 2011 Spokesmodel Contest. It’s no secret that Jamie, real name Brittany Beede, has an impressive physique and winning this contest would be the icing on the cake. You can vote once a day, so keep checking back and voting!

The following is from her Facebook page:

Please VOTE for me at BRITTANYB to win the 2011 spokesmodel contest!:) Voting is through the month of December, and you can vote once per day, EVERY DAY!!:) Thank you so much! Sexy, strong, and unstoppable!

We wish Jamie/Brittany the best of luck!

Nexus Gets Divalicious #2

If you missed part one of the post, you can read it here!

The first elimination of NXT Season #3 saw ‘The Terminator’ Jamie Keyes go home (and get released!). WWE’s most dominant group, Nexus, could do with a Diva member, so why not have one of the rookie Divas manage or be the valet of the biggest group in WWE at the moment? Let’s take a look shall we?! In this final part, I’ll look at A.J., Naomi, Jamie Keyes and there’s a poll at the end where you can vote on which rookie Diva you’d like to see join Nexus!


Rookie: A.J. Lee
Pro: Primo
There’s something about AJ, right? She’s cute, spunky, nerdy and a bit psychotic if you ask me. She reminds me of a young, psycho Mickie James. Everyone loves her and it’s no suprise why; she’s super talented! But like I said before, there’s just something about her, something behind the cute, spunky, nerdy attitude. AJ has the look, swagger, height advantage, and fanbase to become the newest bad bitch of the group that’s been terrorising the WWE since June of this year… Nexus. AJ would play the hotwire, the one who Divas would be afraid of. She seems like she would play an out of control psychopath, who gets pleasure out of thumping and punishing other Divas, much like Nexus do with other Superstars.


Rookie: Naomi
Pro: Kelly Kelly
Naomi is one of the most talented in-ring out of the current NXT rookie Divas. She’s high flying, has high energy and is the most competitive out of the group, I’d say. If I were to compare Naimz to one of the Superstars within Nexus, it’d be Justin Gabriel. Both have bad hair, but both are super talented and completely unique in what they do. I could see Naomi turning on her pro, Kelly Kelly, before joining the ranks of Nexus. Naomi would be bitter, bitter and furious that her time on NXT was wasted by pointless girly competitions and challenges, rather than wrestling, which is ALL she wanted to do.


Rookie: Jamie Keyes
Pro’s: Brie Bella & Nikki Bella
Jamie Keyes was known as ‘The Terminator’ on NXT season three due to her tremendous physique and her extraordinary athletism. Jamie has an edgey look; she may be blonde, but she doesn’t look like just the ordinary Diva. Jamie is a strong, powerful woman and she would easily be able to go up against the biggest WWE Divas, as Nexus go up against the biggest WWE Superstars. Can we say bodyguard anyone? ;)


Jamie Keyes Released

WWE developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling removed NXT Rookie Diva Jamie Keyes from their official roster page. PWInsider has confirmed that WWE has released Jamie Keyes from her contract. After being signed in March, she was the NXT ring announcer on Season 2 before being a Rookie on Season Three.

We wish Jamie the best of luck in her future!

Divalicious Dozen: October 10th


The Diva with all the ‘Hart’, Natalya, raises up the Divalicious Dozen this week after making Alicia Fox tap out in under a minute on RAW! Plus, she scared off Laycool on Smackdown when they attacked Kelly Kelly.


The flawless champions drop down one spot this week. Layla may have beaten Kelly Kelly on Smackdown, but the pair were scared off by Natalya and plus they lost to the Bella Twins on RAW!


Foreget flawless, these girls are THE Beautiful People! The original BP won the rights to be called ‘The Beautiful People’ on iMPACT! This Sunday however, the tag team will face off with Madison and Tara in a fatal four way for the title. Can they remain beautiful BFF’s?


This past Tuesday on NXT was Kaitlyn’s night! She drew a lovely picture of her pro, Vickie, earned immunity and defeated her pro, Vickie Guerrero, in a one on one match! Kaitlyn’s on quite the roll.. can she keep it up next week?


Vickie “EXCUSE ME” Guerrero drops down a few spots this week after being defeated in a singles match by her rookie Diva, Kaitlyn!


Miss AJ Lee drops down the list this week too as she didn’t have a match and didn’t win any competitions or challenges! However, she wasn’t eliminated, which is always a plus!


The twin Divas move up this week after successfully defeating the co-Unified WWE Divas champions, Laycool, on RAW in an impressive time! Now that’s flawless!


Former WWE Women’s and Divas champion, Mickie James, made her debut this past Thursday on the live edition of TNA iMPACT! It was announced that she’d be the special referee in this Sunday’s fatal four way for the Knockouts title. Mickie also said she came to TNA to make history. Can she capture the Knockouts gold and become the first woman to hold the Divas, Women’s and Knockouts titles?!


Eric Bischoff’s secretary continues to make her presense known in the Knockouts division again this week. She let Angelina, Velvet, Tara and Madison know exactly what she thought of them – SKANKS! Plus, she introduced TNA’s biggest female acquisition so far, Mickie James!


The paparazzi Diva missed a week of action, therefore she drops down the list.


Finally the billion dollar baby from Lithuania makes the Divalicious Dozen rankings! Aksana managed to pick up her first win on NXT by defeating Maxine and she picked up a challenge win in the bullriding contest. Hooray!


The bad girls of TNA, Madison Rayne and Tara drop down the rankings this week after losing on iMPACT! They lost a crucial tag team match to Angelina and Velvet, costing them a chance of owning the rights of ‘Angel On My Shoulder’ and the name of ‘The Beautiful People’. One may have a chance tonight to become the Knockouts champion when Madison and Tara face Angelina and Velvet in a fatal four way for the title.



This is the part of the post where we say “BYEBYEBYE!” to those ladies who fall off the Divalicious Dozen this week.

    Jamie Keyes was ranked #11 on last weeks Divalicious Dozen. NXT’s ‘Terminator’ was terminated this past week. Her career in NXT has come to an end, as the pro’s and WWE Universe eliminated her from the competition.
    Lacey Von Erich was ranked #12 on last weeks Divalicious Dozen. Lacey didn’t even appear in the corner of her new friends (Angelina and Velvet) corner this past Thursday on iMPACT!, so she drops off the list!


The following ladie(s) are earning their stripes in the Divalicious Dozen. Let’s hope they make the cut next week!

    Cookie: Mickie wasn’t the only one who debuted this past Thursday, oh no! Our dear friend, Becky Bayless, now known as Cookie made her debut alongside her man on iMPACT! What will she do next week?!

We can’t believe our ‘Mystery Diva’ turned out to be Goldust!


So, whatcha think? Do you agree or disagree with this weeks Divalicious Dozen rankings?
Let us know in comments!


NXT Up – Week 5 – Naimz’d & Shamed

Welcome to NXT Up, OhSoDivalicious.org’s version of the Big Brother Bitch in UK newspaper The Sun, where I’ll talk about who impressed us each week on NXT. Similar to the Divalicious Dozen, but with a little bitchy twist! I’ve been loving NXT so far, everyone’s their own character and it makes for fun viewing, and fun ranking! This post is entirely opinionated, so the Rookie who may have impressed the WWE Universe the most might have not impressed OSD the same way – Although Jamie Keyes was eliminated this week, someone who hasn’t really been able to shift from the bottom of the rankings for too long, coincidence? Probably!

Kaitlyn manages to stay in my heart and at the top of the rankings this week with her rather impressive talent, a funny little drawing of her Pro, Vickie Guerrero, with an accurate big butt. If that wasn’t enough, Vickie was unable to teach her Rookie a lesson by being rolled-up by Kaitlyn, who took pride in celebrating with Vickie’s arm candy, Dolph Ziggler. Gotta love the drama and the fans in attendance tend to be loving her too because they made her immune to elimination!

The billion dollar baby shoots up the rankings this week after she had two victories on NXT. She won the Bullriding Challenge with a seriously impressive amount of time, over 17 seconds!

She also won her match against fellow Rookie Maxine in a pretty solid match… Not to mention her quirky push-ups during the Talent Competition. She’s taking a shine to me, I have to admit!

A.J. Lee
There’s no doubt that this itty-bitty Rookie has bucketloads of personality, in fact she offered to get Michael Cole one too, which was rather funny!

Her cowboy hat was cute and there’s no doubt that her flexibility was impressive, but it wasn’t anything too impressive. The audience seemed to be quite behind her, although I’m still on the fence…

Maxine set the bar for the Wheelbarrow challenge, although Jamie beat her time, but it was still a good job. Despite A.J. and Kaitlyn playing about behind her during Diss The Diva, Maxine made a good point about the dull “nice” Diva that people are used to. Y’know, the ones that are “perky and nice, even when they lose,” well, I’d prefer Maxine and her bitchy attitude to that any day.

“Naimz” didn’t really impress this week, although I’ll admit I quite liked her rap, to an extent. It sucks to have Naomi at the bottom of the NXT Up rankings, but she seems to be heading down the Jamie Keyes route, where it seems she may be trying a little too hard to get the WWE Universe behind her. She has to do something to get people back on her side… The audience still seems to be half and half with her, they either like this girl or they don’t, in the space of two seconds!

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